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The Favela Foundation was founded in 2017 through the trustees shared experience of working in Brazil's favelas. We were inspired by the residents of these dynamic and vibrant communities to continue working back in the UK and support local, grassroots projects to provide education and social support to favelas.

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The Favela Foundation supports grassroots projects that focus on educational development and social welfare, bringing opportunity and change to Brazil's favelas and their residents. We provide more than just financial support by working alongside projects to ensure they are sustainable and permanent features of the communities they support.

Lego donation in Rocinha

Leveraging from a wide network of expertise, we work with partners to deliver long term strategic planning to create and maintain sustainable foundations for grassroots projects. With your support our partners can expand their reach and provide a stable supplementary education to a larger part of the local community.

Favela arts and crafts

We hope to provide much needed financial support that creates stability and provides organisations with the freedom to focus on delivery of valuable programmes and activities to the community. Your financial aid helps to secure our partners' future and allows them to continue delivering the outstanding support they offer.

Clothing donation in the favela
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