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12,000 Thank You's from The Favela Foundation

The Favela Foundation is proud to announce that from our first meeting in April 2017 to the end of the calendar year, we raised over £12,000 through your generosity, help and support.


In April 2017, The Favela Foundation was launched with the simple goal of contributing to the sustainable development and growth of social and educational projects in the favelas of Brazil. Throughout the year, the immense support and generosity of our friends, family and donors propelled us on our journey towards that goal.

Fundraising began in June with Kanav’s two triathlons and my own half-marathon. We were overwhelmed with the support we received for our initial fundraising effort, with the two events raising almost £3,500. Our next milestone came with a grant from The Hutton Foundation, which gave us both the means and the confidence to transform our passion into action.

We received support and messages from all over the world on Giving Tuesday, and it was fantastic to see so many people get involved by sending videos and pictures through to us on the day. Many of you also donated your 'first tenner' featuring Jane Austen to help us promote girls' and women's empowerment projects in Brazil's favelas.

In November we hosted our launch party for 120 guests at Cabana Brixton. We were lucky

enough to have The Hutton Foundation attend and Misha Glenny, author of Nemesis, spoke at the event. The evening raised almost £3,000 for projects in Brazil and it was wonderful to see so many people dedicated to our mission just 6 months after we were founded.

All in all, £12,181 was raised in 2017 for educational projects in Brazilian favelas. The money raised will go towards even more projects like Instituto Wark, who we were thrilled to announce as our first partner for 2018. We want to thank you all for your continued support and generous donations. We look forward to helping many more community projects in Brazilian favelas grow in 2018 and beyond.

Patrick Gibbs

Chair of The Favela Foundation

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Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith
Sep 07, 2018

Amazing news. Really proud of the work we have done since last April, and thank you for all the support we have received. Your donations go a long, long way to making a difference in the communities we support.

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